Jul 1, 2009

Can You Ever Truly Be Safe?

WARNING TO MY MOTHER: Before you read this…mentally prepare yourself for a mild panic attack. Take a deep breath. Say a little prayer. And know that everything will be okay!

I know I joked about the person riding down the middle of the road on his four-wheeler holding a rifle when we lived in Etna. But I was never once for a minute scared. I whole-heartedly knew that that firearm was only for shooting animals. And the next day I talked to my sister and she informed me that she knew the dude (because everyone knows everyone on that road) and he was nice. I NEVER locked my doors and made it a regular practice to leave my purse in my unlocked car whenever it was parked in my driveway. Heck, we never even closed our blinds unless we wanted to block the light out. I do believe I have kissed those times good-bye!

So, two teenagers were murdered Tuesday morning in the next town over from us. Yup. Gunned down in the street. They already have the person in custody that they think did it. There appears to be some history there.

And today I went to my landlord’s bank right here in town to pay our rent. The tellers are fully enclosed behind (what I am assuming is) bullet proof glass. You talk to them through little microphones and the transactions are exchanged through those little metal turntabley thingys.

As I drove home I pondered which high level security package I would get and what color window bars would go best with our home’s exterior dĂ©cor.

And then I reconsidered and thought… “Can we ever truly be safe?” NO. We could get hurt or die one million different ways. We can’t live our lives in fear trying to avoid everyone of them, because that wouldn’t be living at all.

Besides. Even when I lived “Up Maine”, there were murders right in Bangor. And there are always murders in surrounding “hick towns” too. It doesn’t matter how populated the area is that you live. It’s everywhere!

The Lord has us in His Grip. Nothing can take us out of His hands! Isn't His peace great!?

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the warning. I had not heard about that little news item. Well, I've been warning you girls about locking your cars and not leaving your keys and purses in them for years. I guess now you'll have to take it a bit more seriously. You're not in "Kansas" anymore, Dorothy.
But really, I do wish you were closer, so we could look out for each other better.