Jul 20, 2009

Oh What a Glorious Sunday!

This Sunday could not have been any better!

It started out with Ella sleeping in until 8am and waking to a fresh smelling house and a perfect summer day. A leisurely breakfast followed and then Ella napped fully and woke up just in time to head off to chuch. The stars were clearly aligned :)

There was a fabulous, inspiring, motivating message at church accompanied by a rockin' U2 song. And yes, I actually got to hear the message! The whole thing! With my hubby by my side! Because Ella stayed in the nursery the whole time! Our number didn't pop up once on the little "deli server"!

Back home for lunch and afternoon nap then off to explore. We hit a little local park that I'm in love with! 5 minutes from our doorstep. Sand volleyball court, large fields, horseshoe pits, playground and sandy beach! Dogs are welcome and it's free!

Hunter got his swimming kicks which he was over the moon about! Ella "swam" for the first time! She wasn't thrilled about it at first but warmed up to it quickly. Later we played on the swings and slides and then just lazed on our blanket on the grass in the shade as one happy little family. I wish I could have frozen time and stayed there forever!

Back home for BBQ dinner, bath and bedtime for bonzos. Then some quality time with my man sitting out back on a perfect summer night, talking and sipping white wine. Oh my heart is full to overflowing!

Enjoy the FABULOUS pictures!


Krissy said...

That does sound like a fantastic Sunday. Ella is so cute! And in the little hat!! Glad to hear that you are settling in. :)

shannon said...

love the swing shot! where is this? sebago? so glad you had a good day after cigarette hell :)