Jul 26, 2009

Sarah Day & Immortal Dogs

Saturday was "Sarah Day". Since Jason had gone on a 4-day fishing trip two weeks before and last weekend I spent the entire time scrubbing tobacco nastiness, Jason said that I should just do something for me this Saturday. Isn't he great!?

I decided I would take a lunch, my ipod and a good book down to the coast (only 20 min away!) and lounge on a beach. I headed out early, as it gets crowded quickly and was all settled on my beach blanket before 10am. And guess how long I lasted? Just shy of 2 hours. And then I missed Jason and Ella so much that I headed straight home! I decided what I wanted to do most for me this Saturday is spend it with the two people I love the most!

We packed our little family up and headed to the cute little park we discovered last Sunday that's just 5 minutes down the road from us. Again...lazed on the blanket, swam in the water, walked down the trails and swung in the swings. We had a little BBQ in the evening and went out for a family walk around the neighborhood afterward...perfect weather for it! And Jason and I finished off the night by watching "Marley & Me". Such a good movie! Quite a tear jerker at the end there. But Jason cried more than me on this one! He said he cried for about the last half hour. This led to a discussion and final conclusion of pure denial that Hunter is immortal.


Krissy said...

Good for you! You deserve a little time to yourself. It sounds like you are really getting settled.

shannon said...

I'm with Jason on the crying :)