Jul 31, 2009

Water Ski Show

Aparantly there is a non-profit water ski club right in town. We went to watch their annual show just minutes from our house. It was quite the kick off to "Summah Daze" which is a fun little festival of events that will continue through the weekend. Here's a little phot montage:

Jason and Ella "watching"...she really could have cared less about the skiers!
There were many a people doing pyramids and such. There was quite the humorous clown act. He had the kids and me rolling. In his final act it looked like he was going to go over the jump but instead he popped out of his skis at the last second, ran up the jump and launched! These were two young guys that were great slalom skiers. They would slalom back and forth crossing under or over each other's rope. AND THEN!...they skied all the way around the boat! Yeah, picture that one. The boat has to turn on a dime while one whips around real fast. It was fabulous!Water ski ballett if you will. They went round and round the lake switching from one lift to another. That would take quite the balance and strength! We actually had to leave for the 2nd half of the show because it was Ella's bedtime. It promised to be fully of a lot more jumping and big pyramids. However, we did see these guys. Here they are in mid 360! And yup, they both landed beautifully!


Krissy said...

That is totally WICKED!!! I love it when I find stuff like that. Are they going to do it again this weekend?

Cheryl said...

That looks like fun! I would have liked to see that. Do you remember seeing the "Cats" water ski show at Sea World in Ohio when you about 5?