Jul 23, 2009

Highlights and Lowlights

Some highlights from my week thus far...

~During my Tuesday women's Bible study, Ella stayed upstairs with the young women who do childcare and did excellent! Only one serious spat of tears at the beginning and then she mellowed and was at least distractable. This is such a blessing because I so long for her to get to the point where she's okay with other people and I so long for others to be able to enjoy the sweet, happy girl that we know!

~Have been very productive around the house in all things domestic (cleaning, cooking, laundry, babyfood making etc.) and have even managed to sneak a nap or two when Ella naps!

~Just had to store away a HUGE lot of clothes that Ella is too big for! Also got out a huge lot of clothes that she'll quickly be wearing. I feel SO blessed to have so much to store away and to have quite an abundance of new and used clothes that people have given to us to get out for the next phase!

~Have been enjoying new things with Ella. Swimming (got an adorable kiddie pool), swinging, bubbles, new foods, and sitting up quite well on her own. Also thought of my other mommy friends whos kiddos love bugs as I introduced Ella to two super fat slugs this morning and a rather dungy moth that let her touch him several times! She was intrigued!

~Am in the beginning stages (just research and development I guess you'd say) of actually putting action to my dream of starting my own wedding invitation business. Still a long road ahead but I sense the Lord's blessing and prompting and feel good about forward progress!

~Have been MORE than enjoying my mom's apple butter on toasted hommade bread every night for dessert! YUMMM!

Some lowlights from my week thus far...

~Although not as bad.....the place still smells of smoke. Mostly if it's closed up and damp. Arrrgghhh.

~The truck has been broken for going on 4 weeks. We don't have the money to fix it. I feel house bound! (However I have been doing a lot more walking and a lot more asking for help from others which is hard for me to do but I need to do it!)

~I've moved into the "really don't like my hair" phase, as I always do when I cut my hair off. When will I learn!? Commence the growing out process!
Isn't great when the highlights outnumber the lowlights?!


Anonymous said...

Call me if you want to drive around :) Also, Skippy is starting an event/wedding planning business and I'll be helping her out. We'll have to send some business your way when it comes to that!

Krissy said...

I am so glad that you are looking into starting your own invitation business. You know that you will be a success with anything that you set your mind to!!