Mar 14, 2009

Week Two

Bear with me if you will...for a little while you will probably get a weekly post on how my work week went. It's my way of getting it all out and moving on.

Jason has been quite the sick puppy for a good while now. Tuesday night before I went back to work he was in rough shape and coughing so loudly that he slept on the couch because it kept waking Ella and I up. I got very little sleep due to that and due to the fact that Ella, who usually wakes up once in the night, woke up 4 times to eat! And Jason, who is usually super helpful with her in the night by alternating diaper changes, was down for the count. In the morning I was so exhausted I felt like I could barely stand!

My morning prayer on the drive to work Wednesday morning was tearful and short and went something like this, "Lord, I know you tell us You won't give us more than we can handle. But this sure FEELS like more than I can handle right now. Help. Please." I was lucky to make through Wednesday. I felt absolutely out of it all day and by 4pm I had a raging headache. On my drive home that night the street signs looked blurry and I had to fight to stay awake.

Thursday and Friday were much better. Jason was still down and out so I was on my own with her at night but she went back to her normal sleep pattern. I felt motivated at work and got a lot accomplished and, surprisingly, felt pretty good when I rolled in the drive Friday at 11pm. I remember distinctly thinking. I remember distinctly thinking, "Okay, maybe I CAN do this whole working mom thing." So it's still a bit of a roller coaster ride!

And Jason is feeling better now. And I am feeling sick. Blah. I'm determined to fight it off. Jason has been amazing as usual. He spent his Friday afternoon and a good part of his Saturday doing things he saw on my weekend to do list like: Tidy House, Change sheets, do laundry, do dishes. What a man!

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