Mar 31, 2009

Ella Updates and Life

Miss Ella started trying to blow raspberries at the end of last week. My mom saw it and so did Jason but then she hasn't done it since. So neat (that she's doing these things) and so hard (that I'm not there to see them) at the same time.

Long Car Ride
She recently had her first really long car ride. There were some moments of crying but overall she just chilled or slept. She did great. And there was only one poop blow out, but it made for an interesting paper towel bath in an Irving rest room :) (And yes, the poo blow out occurred wearing disposables...NOT cloth)

New Cries
The cries we did hear were new cries. They were distinctly different from any we'd heard before. It was no longer a newborn, "I need something" cry. It was an, "I'm ticked and am telling the world" cry. Interesting and quite humorous at points too!

Tummy Time & Rolling Over (attempts)
Ella doesn't really like tummy time. She tires of it in approximately 2 minutes and then gets real fussy and tries to roll over. She gets about half the way, but still can't figure out how to get that pesky arm out of the way!

She did tolerate tummy time a little today and even reached out and grabbed a toy that was in front of her, that was a first on her tummy!

I'm afraid this little one takes after her mamma in that she likes to watch T.V. The little bugger hears it and cranes her head right around to try to see it no matter where she is. Consequently, her mamma doesn't watch T.V. anymore! It stays off when she's up!

Page Turner
Ella turns the pages of her board books when we read to her. At first I thought she was just grabbing them, and no she doesn't get them turned quite the whole way, but now I'm pretty convinced she's actually trying to turn them. I even got it on video. It makes sense that she's trying to copy what we've been doing with her since the day we brought her home!


Also today, I think I heard her first laugh. She LOVES laying on her back and grabbing at dangling toys. She talks up a storm and smiles and squeals. Today amongst all of her chatter, I'm pretty sure I heard a few laughs. They were so funny! Low "hahahaha's" and a little evil sounding if I do say so myself!

Good Life!
And today is just a wonderful Tuesday. I'm relaxing, baking homemade bread, washing diapers, picking up around the house and just soaking in the moments with my babe. Every sigh, every cry, every smile, every coo, every movement and every snuggle is precious. Life is good.


Esther said...

Awww, sounds like Ella is doing so great! I have missed seeing you guys lately. Hopefully next Monday! (well Sunday too). Kirsten hasn't laughed yet, so that is so great that Ella is starting to!

Angie Cousins said...

Ooh- I just love it when they start to laugh- it's the best thing ever! Sounds like she is really do great and that you are really soaking it all in!

Amber said...

Hey Sarah, yes it is Amber E.! :) Ella is beautiful, and growing so fast! It's just crazy how quickly they grow up. I agree with Angie, the laughter is the best ever. :)

Cheryl said...

That is such a beautiful expression on her face in this photo! Yes, she is a smart little cookie, and so sweet and fun to be with! Thanks for letting me help you and be a part of her life. :-)