Mar 28, 2009

Smokin' !

You gotta spice things up once in a while right? Get out of the same old hum drum routine....well that's kinda what I did at work yesterday night.

I was helping cook dinner (tacos) and the tortillas were still frozen, so I popped 'em in the micro for 2 minutes to get them thawed out, went and did something else and then came back and started chopping veggies.

I heard the microwave still going behind me but thought nothing of it. I thought someone else had popped something in there...because surely what I had put on for 2minutes was not still going 15 minutes later.....Ummmmmmmmm WRONGO!

My co-worker said, "Do you smell something burning?"

"Yeah," I replied, "I think it's just something on the burner." Then I turned around. AHHH!

Thick smoke coming out of the microwave! I shut it off and open it up. Good. No fire. Just smoke. Then the hardwired alarm starts going off. Blaring WHAA, WHAA, WHAA! Emergency strobe lights flashing! Residents start streaming out of the house looking at me with big eyes as I explain, "Everything is okay, but we still need to go outside."

Everyone gathers out front. It take the firemen 10-15 minutes to get there and the station is LITERALLY around the corner. (Maybe this was a blessing in disguise, finding out and being able to be proactive in remedying response time.)

The firemen are nice. I explain what happened. They clear the house, open windows, put a fan on. Everyone has a good chuckle and life resumes as normal....only a little stinkier from all the smoke.

Apparently I hit an extra zero and those taco shells were cookin' for a good 20 minutes!....and I'm supposed to be helping the clients learn kitchen safety skills!? Wow. Good one!

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Cheryl said...

Wow! I can't believe the fire department had to come for some taco shells in the microwave. That's pretty exciting. Glad to know you didn't burn the place down or anything. That would not look good on your resume! :-)