Mar 22, 2009

Double Awesome

Walk in the woods? Ummmm, no....

You know when you're trying to pull out of somewhere and a giant SUV or truck pulls up way ahead next you and you can't see a thing!? How annoying is that!? Well, this guy totally did that today as we tried to pull out onto Main street to go to church and I was about to get a little peeved until he motioned us to roll down our window.

We did and he proceeded to tell us that both tires on the passenger side of our car were losing almost flat. Awesome!

So we tried to find an air hose at three different places before we finally found a place that had one AND was in order.

And our lovely walk after church turned into a lovely visit to Wal-Mart (the only place you can get tires on a Sunday) and a dent in our wallet just shy of $500! Double Awesome!

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