Mar 23, 2009

Meet Mr. Ribbit!

Even though I'd rather stay home (as you all are probably getting sick of me saying) it's nice to know that when I go to work, I get to know that I'm leaving my child with my mom, who respects our wishes as parents and does an amazing job watching Ella. It's also FREE! And as an added bonus, I come home to find fun new things like, lullaby CD's, wonderful books, cute outfits, and an occasional new Mr. Ribbit here. Happy lookin' little fella isn't he?You see, Mr. Ribbit is our daughters favorite new toy...and the bane of her (and my) existence at the same time. Mr. Ribbit has awesome little flappers to chew on and a jingly little bell inside his tummy. When you hold him up and shake him to make his jingly noise this is Ella's reaction, followed by lots of smiles:She will do this FOREVER and LOVES IT! However, If you do not want to shake Mr. Ribbit for her for 10 hours on end, you can give her the toy. She'll happily muckle onto the little guy and shake him and shove his feet in her mouth, but you're sure to hear some angry little baby wailing 2 seconds later when she loses her grasp and he falls of to the side, or my favorite, ends up on her face and she can't figure out how to get him off! Pick Mr. Ribbit up and give him back to her and she's instantly happy as a clam again....until two seconds later when she loses him....and so goes the cycle!

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Cheryl said...

Ha ha! I'm glad she likes him, even if he isn't quite as user-friendly as some of her other toys. I think she likes the hanging duck and cow the best. Or maybe that's me that likes 'em so much. Almost bought a cute dragonfly teether rattle today and then I thought... maybe you guys don't want your child to be bombarded with too many toys. I find it hard to resist, though. :-)