Mar 16, 2009

Ella's Dedication!

On Sunday we dedicated Ella to the Lord. This is what we do at our church. We do not baptize babes because baptism (according to every example in the Bible) is for people who have made a conscious decision to accept Christ as their Savior and then want to publicly profess that decision through baptism. So, Lord willing, she will accept Christ when she is able to understand and be baptized then!

Because we believe she is His gift and blessing to us, we publicly dedicate her back to Him and commit to dedicate ourselves to raising her according to His will.

It was especially sweet because two other couples (our close friends) also had their little girls dedicated. Shannon sang a beautiful and perfect song for the occasion that brought a tear to my eye and then Little Charlotte, Kirsten and Ella were dedicated. A lovely day!

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Cheryl said...

It was a lovely service, and thank goodness all the babies got through it without a meltdown! They were all so good. And I agree that Shannon's song was beautiful and very moving.