Mar 4, 2009

The "Poopler"

CONFESSION: Being home all the time due to maternity leave and inside much of that time due to not taking the infant out in the cold weather, I've turned to TV to fill my---blah, blah, blah enough justifying. I watched the ENTIRE season of The Bachelor!

RANT: The Bachelor is the WORST show on the face of the earth. (which is probably why my husband affectionately named it "The Poopler") Not only is it filled with high school like drama, but is messes with people's hearts! Yes, they volunteer for this, but it's everything that's wrong with relationships these days.

Their "love" grows for one another in these fairytale like situations and dates and it totally sets them up to fail when they hit real world reality! Who EVER thought the right way to find love would be to kiss 10,000 people at the same time!? Or let your heart start falling for a guy that is simultaneously dating multiple other girls. That's asking for heartbreak! And it's bad for HIS heart too! Letting himself fall for more than one person at once is a good way to rip your heart in two! And don't even get me started on getting too physically involved and going on overnight dates...that's what's wrong with the world. God intended for that kind of relationship to be with someone that you are 100% committed to for life so that hearts DON'T get so attached and then ripped apart! His plan is not to restrict us but to protect our hearts!

I cannot even tell you how wrong it is to have two girls at the same point of possible proposal, so attached to them, and them so attached to you...knowing that one of them is going to be CRUSHED. So wrong!

And, in case you didn't catch this wonderful season, let me tell you how it ended. Melissa got proposed to, Molly went home devastated. Then...THEN... Jason (the Poopler!) bring Melissa on NATIONAL TELEVISION and DUMPS HER! Telling her some line of bull like, "After the show, the chemistry just wasn't the same blah,blah, stupid, blah!" And she said something like, "You're such a bastard. Why did you put a ring on my finger? That's supposed to mean a committment. You just can't handle a real relationshp and when things aren't perfect you're not willing to stay and work on them, you just want to run back to the other girl."

AND THEN! Melissa leaves, crushed, and Molly comes on stage. 2 seconds after he dumped Melissa, the girl he proposed to, he asked Molly if he can have a second chance with her! AND THE STUPID STUPID STUPID girl said YES!!!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

This whole show is aweful and I think he's a ROTTEN guy for doing that on national TV. But I think it truly strikes a personal chord with me regarding my BIGGEST past relationship regret. In highschool my first serious and longterm boyfriend broke up with me and broke my heart at the beginning of my senior year. And after a few months of running around and doing God knows what, he came crawling back. And what did I do!? I played the part of STUPID GIRL with presicion and took him back! Which led to many more regrets and a two time broken heart come freshman year of college. ARRGGHH!

#1) Don't EVER go on the bachelor
#3) Don't EVER watch The Bachelor!

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Cheryl said...

I saw a little bit of "Ellen" on Wednesday, and she interviewd Chris, the guy who is the host on Bachelor. He was trying to explain how and why it turned out the way it did, and Ellen was asking all kinds of questions that made it seem like it must have been a weird or contrived ending (aren't they always?), but since I had missed the last couple of episodes, I didn't really know what was going on. Now I do. Kind of. Apparently the guy fell for one girl, proposed to her in New Zealand, then back in the states, decided he still had feelings for the other girl. Then they had to decide... how are we going to air this on the show? Etc, etc. Personally, I have to agree with you that going on a TV show is definitely NO WAY to find a husband/wife!