Mar 24, 2009

Until we meet again.

I'm not sure why this strikes me so sentimental, but on March 20th I know of one life that began and one life that ended. An old friend of mine welcomed her first baby into this world. And on that same day, the world said goodbye to a wonderful man, Bill Gormely.

I attended Bill's memorial service today. I've only attended two funeral's since my father's. One was my grandfather's and the other was Steve's, a man who was a secondary father figure to me. I find funerals just too difficult. I like to remember the person the way they were. Not have my last memory be of the way they looked in a casket.

But I recently decided that that's kind of selfish of me. And decided to start going to funerals and memorial services to pay my respects and to offer love and support. Boy am I glad I decided that not too long ago.

Bill's memorial service was exactly what it said it would be... a celebration of his life. Many, many poster boards filled with pictures of him living and loving life. Belongings of his that reminded us all of who he was and the things he loved to do. Singing beautiful worship songs that were among his favorites. Friends and family members getting up to share stories about Bill that often sent laughter erupting from the crowd. And a message reminding us of the reason that we can be so joyous and celebratory in the face of such loss and grief. Bill knew Jesus Christ as his personal savior. And because of that, how truly wonderful it is that we can know for sure that he is in Heaven.

Bill, I am so glad to know that you are face to face with Christ your Savior, that you have no more pain, that you can rejoice in the presence of God for all eternity. And for those of us who know Christ as our Savior, how glad we are that we can say without a doubt, we'll see you again someday. Until then, we'll still miss you greatly!


Cheryl said...

What a beautiful tribute. It was a wonderful celebration of his life, wasn't it?
I find that very poignant, too, that a baby was born on the day someone we knew died. Did you know that your cousin Luke was born on the day that Daddy died? And just over a year ago, the day that Brian died (cousin Sandy's husband), little Jordyn Ryleigh was born (Will and Denise's baby.) I find it simply amazing and very comforting that our Heavenly Father sends a baby into the world at times like these to confirm that life should go on.

Krissy said...

I'm sorry for the loss and I am glad that the service was celebration of his life. How did you know him?