Apr 27, 2011

Potty Talk Continued

I'm sure this is getting old. But I'm a SAHM and this is my life right now.

I hate to speak too soon but I think I've solved our potty training woes. Ella tried holding it in FOREVER and realized it didn't work.

Then she tried just going in her underwear ALL DAY LONG so she didn't have to have the unfavorable sensation of going on the potty. This, however, DID work for her. Because as much as she hates the feeling of being wet...it only last a few seconds because she'd be dripping all over the place and I'd quickly change it. Then my two year old would stand there and point and tell me where I needed to wipe the floor. Yes I had her do it, but the girl loves to clean so another win for her there.

Today I busted out my cloth diapering supplies and slapped a waterproof outer layer around that undie. I told her she had two choices: go in the potty, or go in her underwear, which would be held in by the "undie cover" and she would have to sit in wet for a while (5-10 minutes I determined). She understood. Didn't even want to test it out. She's been dry all morning and peed in the potty twice.

Now, it's still not a stellar experience. It takes her a looooong time of sitting, and whining and tapping her feet trying to hold it in, or trying to go (which one I'm not sure) but she does it. So it consumes pretty much my WHOLE day...I'm hoping it will continue to get easier!


Jessica Lynn said...

It will get easier!! might be a little while.. Just make sure you stay consistant and teach her to wipe herself!!! even if she poo's.. dont just do it for her.. Danielles mom and dad did it for her and they ended up doing it till she was 5 1/2... yup not fun when you have one sitting on potty hollering "I'm done!!!" through the house...

Cheryl said...

Oh hilariousness!! You had me LOLing with this installment of the potty saga! =) I think you and Ella are doing great. Keep up the good work. Love you and hope to see you very soon!