Apr 11, 2011

Pet Net!

Remember these?I have no idea who created them or how long they've been around. I know my sister and I both had one when we were little. Man, oh man, do I love them! The gajillion stuffed animals that were once scattered all over the house now have a tidy little home that takes up NO floor space! Ella's quite intrigued by it too. She loved putting it up and going on an "animal hunt" to find all of her stuffed animals around the house and put them in their new "hamock". Now she gets to pick out two or three each day and night to play with/sleep with and we're both happy campers!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Wow, Ella does have a lot of stuffed animals! I like the "animal hunt" idea. So glad she's on board with it. :-)