Apr 8, 2011

GOVERNMENT - What are you good for!?

In case you've had your head stuck in the sand and don't know about this....the congress and the senate have not been able to agree upon a budget for the 2011 fiscal year.

Why not? Basically in the congress, the republicans want to cut a bunch of spending and the democrats want to keep spending where it is and neither is willing to budge.

So what does that mean? That means that they've argued and dragged their feet and remained pig headed for so long that if a budget is not passed by midnight tonight, the government will shut down.

Oh wait, let me re-phrase that, the "non-essential" parts of government will shut down, which largely boils down to the hard-working, working class people who actually get crap done. WHICH, by the way, INCLUDES MY HUSBAND. So hundreds of thousands of people will be on vacation....UNPAID vacation....for an undetermined amount of time. I say undetermined because it will be as long as it takes for the JACKASSES is the congress and senate to do their jobs and pass a budget. But don't worry, the jackasses still get paid.

Oh that's right....I straight up swore....in all caps...on my blog.

I just cannot even handle the craziness right now. I have no words for this. It is downright unaccepatble! My brain cannot even wrap around how ludicrous this is! THIS IS THEIR JOB. The result of them not doing their job is that hundreds of thousands of people will be on UNPAID LEAVE. Do our senators and congress men and women have any idea how many people are living paycheck to paycheck these days and have mouths to feed and simply cannot afford to be UNPAID!? I really don't think they do. I really don't think they care an iota about their constituants and the average Joe. Because if they did, they would have gotten a budget passed LONG before this so that a government shutdown wouldn't have even been in question. But now it looms on the horizon.

So in this lovely nation we now have the people who work hard every day getting shut down and not paid...while the people who have NOT DONE THEIR JOB shall continue to get paid while they try to muddle through their gridlock that is devastating others. I say we don't pay THEM until they DO IT!

P.S. fortunately we live within our means, have put money into emergency savings and household savings and have been plowing ourselves out of debt with vigor so we'll be okay. We'll be tight, but we'll be okay for a bit. But if it takes them any length of time, we'll be up a creek like many others!


Anonymous said...

Sarah that is crazy! I would be so mad if that was me and Dan... You guys have every right to be upset, I hope it gets figured out soon. I agree, they should go without pay till they do their jobs.. ~Jess P.

Donna Fletcher said...

So sorry to hear that you will be affected by this Sarah! I feel so bad also for our service men/women, especially those serving overseas. They will still be expected to report for duty and to put their lives on the line for our country but will not receive their paychecks until after this shut down is over. These men/women should NOT have to worry about how their spouse back home is going to pay the bills and feed their children. Many of these servicemen/women are part-time military (National Guard) who have already taken a pay cut just to go over and fight for the very freedoms that many of us take for granted...Their regular jobs back here in the states generally pay more than what they get from the government to risk their lives. Sorry for the rant, this is just really upsetting to me!

Sarah said...

Please, rant away Donna. That's what I did! ;) And you are so right. As for pay, it is still undetermined whether or not Jason will get paid for the time they shut down!

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear that this was so stressful for you. I was pretty sure they would come up with a compromise at the last minute, and thankfully, they did. They do want to get re-elected, you know! :-)

Cheryl said...

P.S. I agree with Donna's rant. It really made me mad that servicemen and women would not get paid, while still putting their lives on the line, and yet the congressmen and women would still get their paychecks. Unconscionable!