Apr 29, 2011

An Ella Daddy Adventure!

I'm sorry, but the kid is a natural. It just runs in her blood. She can't help it.

Jason has been feeling a little burnt out these days after his stint in San Diego and overtime every week. So he decided to take a 4 day weekend this weekend. He kick it off this a.m. with a little Adventure for Ella and himself (read: YAY mommy gets to sleep in!!!). He planned it completely on his own. He got up with Ella and right after breakfast whisked her away to Cabela's. She got to see all the big fish and all the animals. And THEN she got to pick out her very own fishing pole! Of course...she picked the Barbie one...FABulous...but I digress. They went to the playground on the way home and then after har nap we all went fishing together and I snapped all these priceless photos! (Oh, and just a potty training P.S. she stayed dry all day...outings and all!) Oh, and if you're thinking this was kind of a self serving daddy date for Jason, you're wrong. This kid LOVES fishing. She's been on a spastic fishing high all day! She can't get enough! And she certainly isn't 'fraid a no worms either! Thatagirl!!!


Cheryl said...

Fun!!! Good for Jason. He's such a great dad and husband, isn't he? And, I can't believe they even sell Barbie fishing poles at Cabella's! That was very sweet to let her pick out her own pole. :-)

Diane said...

Oh, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing!!

anxiousknitter said...

Bravo, Ella! Way to go girl! Nothing like some girl time with Daddy :) Love the pics - Jason much be thrilled she takes such interest in fishing :)