Apr 5, 2011

The Cutest Little Hostess!

I have THE cutest, sweetest daughter EVER. Argue that yours is the cutest and sweetest all you want...I know I'm right. And here's the picture story proof ;) On Friday morning when we were waiting for Daddy to get home in the snow storm (Ya know, banner hung, balloons flyin', table set, coffee brewed) and it was taking forever...I decided to unload the dishwasher. Ella always helps me do this. She put away the silverware, took out some plastic dishes and off she went.
I turned around to see this. She had set her own little table and placed her baby in the seat!Then she poured tea and drank it and helped baby drink some.Then she sat baby in her lap and looked adorable...like this. Then she got even more adorable and gently fed the baby some "cupcakes". THEN...she neatly stacked every dish and cup and put them away in their own little places in her little kitchen.Then she put baby in the stroller, looked up at me and said, "I'm taking her to the zoo." And off they strolled!This was ALL completely on her own. I said not a word to her! Just stood back, observed and snapped away. Oh melt my heart!


Diane said...

She is by far the cutest little girl! Thanks for sharing!!

Cheryl said...

She melts my heart, too! Such a cutie patootie!