Apr 12, 2011

In Process

Our yard is...how shall I say this...hmmm....In Process. (read:looks like a flaming pile of poo). And it's hard for me. It's really, really hard for me. But I must keep the big picture in mind and remember what I am SO thankful for!

You see. We have a big house on three acres...not because we're rich (well we ARE rich compared to 95% of the world but I digress) but because God saw fit to bless us with a STUPENDOUS deal. Stupendous deals usually come with a lot of work. And ours did. But we knew that.

The yard used to look like this:

BIG house feeling clustrophobic squeezed in tight by woods THICK with crazy underbrush.

Now it looks like this:

Underbrush gone, small and dead trees thinned, two sweet little trails recleared for family romps and will eventually be stumped and grated and be a more expansive lawn that fades into some prettier woods.But for now, it looks like this:

Flaming pile of poo. And don't even get me started on that there moat...I might cry. But don't worry, that's going this summer too (if all goes as planned).Everything is brown. All the brush and stumps are just lying around in chaos, they need to be cleared and chipped and chopped and what not. We need heavy machinery and fill and earthwork and grass seed. We're far away from the beautiful yard it will be. IT WILL BE. I must keep my vision!

P.S.Do you think that's how God looks at us when we're in process? Which is always. He's sees the mess that we are, He's not blind. But He chooses to focus on what we WILL be. Because he KNOWS his plans for us. He knows His vision for us and He knows how beautiful it will be. I think so.

Here are the thing I'm thankful for. A big beautiful home set far back off of a dirt road. Land. Those goreous birch trees that are going to be seen in all their splendor now. Friends who helped clear. Friends who lend us awesome clearing equipment. Family that's lending us a woodchipper that will eat up to a 12" thick log (WHOAH BUDDY!). A husband that works his cute little behind off ALL THE TIME. Life is good. Piles of brush and all :)


Anonymous said...

YO...YORK....We can't even see our ground. Still under 2 feet of snow!

Cheryl said...

Yes. I feel like a flaming pile of poo! But I hope God has a plan for transforming me into something better. Love your colorful phrasing. :-)

And in keeping with the theme, my word verification word is: slyme :-P

Cheryl said...

P.S. I think the picture of your yard is lovely. You can't even tell that it is a flaming pile of poo. LOL Probably because it isn't.