Apr 2, 2011

Daddy's Home!

The submarine was finished slightly ahead of schedule and they ran into no problems with J's systems when they put it out for tests. So he took the redeye home Thursday night. I actually think he had the harder time traveling out of the two of us. He was wedged in a middle seat between two large men on the non-stop flight home. Even thought it left at 11pm, he didn't sleep a wink. The plane arrived an hour late. The bus from Boston to Dover was running another hour late (remember this is in the middle of our foot of snow April fools snowstorm). The guy who gave him a ride home got stuck 1/2 way down our unplowed dirt road. He spent 1/2 hour pushing the guy out and then had to trudge througha foot of snow, hauling all his luggage, down our road and then down our long driveway. He walked through the doorway at 11:45am (a mere 12 1/2 hours since he had arrived at the San Diego airport to depart) and weary, weary man. He was greeted by a banner, balloons, yummy monkey bread with strawberries, fresh coffee (yes as you can see by the picture, we ate without him because we expected him hours earlier :) and two very happy ladies...but I'm not sure he even knew which way was up by then! We are ELATED to have him home! It has been grand!

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anxiousknitter said...

Yay! So glad Jason is home even though it sounds like he had a nightmare of a return trip! Hope he gets plenty of rest :)