Feb 24, 2009

Ella's Resume

Why don't I just get it all out in one post! In addition to long walks in the woods, ice fishing, smiling and grabbing toys, Ella is also well versed in

Sucking her thumb. Yay she finally found it! I don't really care what troubles we have to go through to break her of the habit when she's older...SOOooo stinkin' cute!Flying. We call this "Flying baby" and it's a real hit as a party trick. No seriously, despite the horrified look on her face she actually reall seems to like this and keeps her body straightened out just like that for as long as you fly her around.
Reading. We really want her to be a reader when she grows up. We read to her during every awake time. She likes to listen to our voices, study the pages and now she likes to touch the pages too.

And perhaps her most favorite, Sleeping!

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Cheryl said...

That's a very impressive resume for such a young lady! And I must agree... she's so stinkin cute!