Feb 6, 2009

Another Fabulous Encounter With Anesis!

Just got off the phone with Anesis. I recounted the whole situation (see previous post) to him. I won't recount the whole conversation to you. It was long and drawn out. Here's the gist.

~He now claims that all the bills were sent and that he never told my husband that they had switched software and that could have accounted for not getting the bills.

~He acknowledges that he got the payment in full on Jan. 27th. plus $180 extra. I ask (crying at this point) why they didn't set up oil delivery then. He states that he told my husband, because our account had been overdue, that we now have to pay up front for any delivery. (He flat out DID NOT tell Jason that. He told Jason we had to pay our bill (which they never sent us!) before they could deliver oil. Which he did.)

~I ask, if we had $180 extra on our account why he didn't set up for that much to be delivered. He sates that it only would have been like 70 gallons of oil. I sob into the phone, "So what if it's only 70 gallons!? At least my baby wouldn't have frozen!"

~He then tells me that there is an agreement with the companies that any delivery has to fill the tank (didn't know that!) and we did not have enough credit on our account to fill the tank.

~He also has the cold heartedness to say, "They shouldn't have even delivered the 150 gallons that they did." (Can you believe that!?)

Oh, and by the way. If you ever have any trouble with Anesis, good luck with any kind of recourse. The guy told me that he is the ONLY one that you can talk to when you call and if I send a letter of complaint it will just go to him!

Arrgghh! It's so aweful to feel powerless! I'm still crying about the whole thing! That's the last thing he said to me so I just ended the conversation with, "We'll be switching companies!"


Jessica said...

Sarah, Time to call the better business bureau! That is unexceptable! I'd get my $180 back and move onto another company.

Esther said...

Sarah, Oh I am so sorry this happened to you guys! It is so frustrating to get the runaround and especially when your baby is involved! We actually use Anesis but we haven't had any major issues. I am sorry you have had that problem. (And yes, it is just one guy - he owns it and runs it, and he actually is a Christian so I am sorry to hear about how this has gone).

Life With My Boys..... said...

Oh Sweet Sarah! I'm so sorry that he made you cry. I hate feeling powerless and taken advantage of. No fun.

Cheryl said...

I agree with Jess. That is exactly what I was going to say. You should report this whole incident to the Better Business Bureau. I'm sorry this happened especially with a Christian company. I always try to give my business to people or companies that I know to be Christian, but sometimes they don't exactly live up to the Name. So sorry you had to go through this.

Amy said...

Write an editorial in the Bangor Daily!

Steve said...

Wow, I also found this article when I Googled "Anesis" - what a disappointing post. I have to ask if there is more than one side to this story? If you only sent one payment for oil, how long did you think that oil was going to last? I know we're in a day and age when we expect things to just magically' happen, like having running water, lights, and heat...but I have to look at the other side of this story and ask if you thought that you could purchase one tank of oil, and expect someone to tell you when it was going to run out?

If you expect there to always be oil there - then get on an auto-delivery plan and pay your bills! Oh yeah, if you don't get a bill...you're still receiving the service/product from the company, so you still owe them the money. Maybe you and your husband could work out a monthly budget, so this wouldn't happen again?

I'm disappointed moreso to see that your blog has "I'm a missionary" written all over the header, and you're using this forum to blast on a Christian businessman, when it appears that were the one responsible because you didn't pay your bill?

I know Anesis, and I have used them for years. I have always received exceptional service, and on top of that - the person on the phone has been edifying and very helpful - even when I cut back my usage drastically due to a switch to heating part time with a woodstove.

I have heard so many times of Christian businessmen who cringe at the thought of taking on "Christian" customers - they are the ones that expect discounts, demand better service, and are most likely to be delinquent or not pay at all. Then on top of that these customers expect the business to be constantly showing 'grace.' What a shame - we (the customers) should be the people who should be seeking to serve, seeking to bless Christian businesses by paying their asking price, and always doing our best to pay our bills on time.

All this being said, it seems like the right thing to do would be to call Anesis, apologize for your poor attitude, and (if you so choose), ask him for forgiveness and purchase a product from this man and pay for it - on time!

Yeah, I know this post comes across pretty harsh, but what do you think your post has been doing to this guy's business for the past two months?