Feb 11, 2009

Wednesday Adventures

Today we went up to Old Town to visit Renee and her little girl Claira. Claira is two months older than Ella and ridiculously adorable/happy/easygoing! Here's a great picture Renee got of both of them smiling.Then while we were in town I took the opportunity to visit two other families that had yet to see Ella. I dropped in at the Winslows and got to see their whole brood. Tirzah held Ella and Ella stayed content for the longest I've ever seen her with someone!

We also stopped in at the Palmeters and I was so impressed with how interested the boys were with Ella and how super gentle they were.

T'was a long day of visiting but Ella did great and didn't get anywhere near as fussy as I had thought she might. I think she's finally getting used to this going out stuff. But in the end I think our daughter is an introvert like J and I because you could tell she was glad to be home. It was so good to see people, even if just for a quick visit. All in all, a lovely day!

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