Feb 24, 2009

She's Got Some Guns!

I'm sorry. I know most of you don't find these things nearly as fascinating as I do....but it's our first child and each new development brings joy to my heart, smiles to my face and sends me running for the cameras to capture it all!

She just started batted at toys this past week but it seems her hand-eye coordination is exploding from there! Today she was laying under her happy hippo gym batting at her toys when all of a sudden she grabbed the toy, muckled on and started pulling. Before I knew it she had ripped the toy right off of the bar! And then she put it straight into her mouth. She would occasionally pull it away from her mouth and look at it and then zoom...right back in it went. She tasted all parts, the soft parts, the crinkly parts, the hard plastic parts. She went on and on until it was nap time. So fun to watch her do new things!

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Cheryl said...

Yay Ella! You go, girl! That looks delicious. :-)