Feb 5, 2009

Would NOT Recommend Anesis!

When we moved to our new place, we switched to a company called Anesis for oil. They buy large quantities of oil from local companies and then, because they bought so much, they sell it to you at a cheaper price than the going rate. The local company actually delivers it. Anesis arranges it and you pay Anesis.

They ARE cheaper. But, the following story pretty much sums up our experience with Anesis and shows you why we don't recommend them.

When we signed up for Anesis we were never informed that you HAD to be on auto delivery. We got our tank filled up and received the bill. We were paying on the bill. We never received another bill and thought we would call again when we needed it refilled.

About Two and a Half Weeks Ago Jason calls Anesis:

Jason asked for an oil delivery and was informed that we were on auto delivery. Jason asked why we hadn't gotten any delivered then. They said we had unpaid bills. Jason said we had only received one. They said they had switched to new software and that could be the reason we didn't receive the others. Jason asked how much we owed. It was a really high amount since it had been accumulating with auto delivery and no bills being sent. Jason said he would send a check but that we needed oil. They said they could not deliver oil until we paid. Fine. Jason sent the check PLUS $180 extra so we'd have credit on our account!

Fast Forward to 5am this morning:
Ella, our two month old baby girl, wakes up crying (NOT normal at 5am). I wake up and pick her up. All exposed parts of her body are FREEZING COLD...ears, face, hands. I realize it's blasted cold in the house. I put an extra layer on Ella, along with hat and mittens and bring her in bed with me.

Jason gets up, walks down the hall. Yells, "We've got problems! It's 49 degrees in here!" He checks the oil tank. It still says 1/4 of a tank but obviously that's wrong. Sure 'nough, we ran out of oil! Sure 'nough, Anesis never arranged to have our oil delivered! They DID however cash our enourmous flippin' check over a week ago!

We called the Anesis emergency number. They sent a repair man out! NOT PAYING FOR THAT ON CALL VISIT I CAN TELL YOU THAT! Sure 'nough, repair man confirms it's not our furnace, and that we're out of oil.

Jason has to call in for the first part of the school day. He turns the faucets on so the pipes won't freeze and turns the oven on and opens it. I leave with Ella and go to my mom's house because they say it will be a while until the oil is delivered and it's -3 outside! Finally they deliver it (They said they were only allowed to deliver 150 gallons, still have no idea about that one). Jason goes to work. I get home around 1pm.

I CANNOT express to you how ANGRY I am! If it were just Jason and I, I know I would still be quite peeved. But something about that mama bear instinct in me has me wanting to claw someones face off for putting my sweet baby at risk and making her cold and making her cry!

We shall be switching companies. But not until I have a long talk with someone and submit a very long letter!


Cheryl said...

I knew this would be fodder for a blog post. That is really lousy service. I have had similar problems with Dead River, but never to the point of being totally out of oil.
But I'm glad I got to have you and Ella and Hunter over here for the morning. That was fun!

Angie Cousins said...

That just plain sucks! So happy for you though that your mom is so close!
We use AE Robinson and thankfully have never had a problem (don't know if they deliver out your way or not- but could be worth looking into- they have almost always had the cheapest prices Joe could find too)!
All I can say is that I pitty those poor oil fools that have to deal with this mama bear (but they have it coming)!

Jessica said...

Sarah, I am so sorry this happened to you. I would be soooo angry. I typed Anesis into google because I hadn't heard of them before and your blog came up third on Google! So hopefully someone will read it before they have the same problem you do. We use Webber have had really good luck.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the oil company going belly-up in Biddeford last year? The same thing happened to us with them - they were supposed to do automatic delivery but didn't and we ran out of oil, they sent an emergency truck and only gave us 150 gallons (because they only have one emergency truck so they can't give it all away in case there are a million emergencies), and then a week later or so, we ran out again and had to call the emergency number. Then got a letter that they'd no longer be doing automatic fills and we'd have to call. So Jeff called when we were at 1/4, but they never came, which precipitated ANOTHER emergency oil call, which didn't get answered... Then it came out in the news that they went bankrupt AND they'd been prepaid by US and by the state government for low income folks' fuel. CRAZY!!!

I'm glad you have head now, though :)