Feb 8, 2009

Two Months Old!

Just got back from Ella's 2 month check up. She weighs 11lb 11oz (I had guessed 12. Close!) and is 23 inches long. She continues to be in the 75th percentile and "perfect" was used again many times.

Although we are not having anywhere near all of the vaccines the (in my opinion over zealous) American Association of Pediatrics recommends, she did have her first two shots today, DTaP and Polio. I think I felt my heart literally break when they put those needles in her thighs! It's one thing if your babe is crying because she's hungry or gassy or cranky. You have no control over those things and those things will pass. You can meet those needs and help and comfort. But it was altogether different when I saw that bottom lip stick out, face turn red and tears to start to flow when I knew that we were inflicting the pain on her with the shots. Yes it's ultimately for her own good and sure you can offer comfort. There was just something really painful about it to me. I can't explain it. Of course she was a trooper, and only cried a tiny bit. She's been sound asleep ever since. I'm positive it was more traumatic for me. I'll try not to project too much onto her :).

So here's our little sweetie pie in her 2 month photo shoot. Love all of her many expressions! Enjoy.


Jessica said...

She is soooo sweet. I love the first picture... she has great faces!

Sarah said...

that my fave too. I think it best captures her personality!

Cheryl said...

I love how she's getting a little chubbier now, and love, love, love those cute half smiley faces!