Feb 3, 2009

I've Seen the Cloth Diapering Light

(Insert Aretha Franklin background music
and picture me singing to a stack of disposable diapers)
At first I was afraid, I was petrified!
Kept thinkin' I could never live without you by my side.
Then I spent so many nights thinking how you did my wrong.
And I grew strong...and I learned how to get along!

I started out saying I would NEVER used cloth. I was afraid they would be messy, leaky, smelly, hard to use, hard to clean etc. etc. Then the money factor sold me on the IDEA of cloth diapers, but was not sold on the REALITY of cloth until I used them. Well, I've been using them since Friday and already I will NEVER go back to disposables! Why? Let me count the ways!

#1) They DO NOT leak! Not a single cute outfit has been touched by poo since we've started using them. (And literally every time we've had a disposable on Ella since friday, some poop has squirted out somewhere and stained some clothing)

#2) They are super soft and and absorbent!

#3) They really are stinkin' easy to use! (Jason thought it would take him a while to get good at it. Nope! Showed him once and he's a pro!)

#4) They don't smell, you don't have to use a wet pail, and you don't even have to rinse them if you're breastfeeding! I just chuck 'em in the diaper genie until wash time!

#5) It's not anywhere near as much laundry as I thought! (I started using them Friday and I'm just doing a load today, Tuesday!)

#6) They wash up really well and really easy! (Just took 'em out. Poo and pee free and no smell lingering!)

#7) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cheap! And won't have to spend a DIME on diapers for the next kiddo! (It's estimated that you'll spend btween 2,000-3,000 on disposables from birth to potty training for one kiddo!)

#8) Yes, they are bulkier but I think it makes her butt look sooOOOooo cute, and it'll be extra padding for when she starts dawdling around and taking tumbles!

#9) I'm doing something good for the environment too! (It's estimated that you'll use 8,000 disposables from birth to potty training on one kiddo!)

#10) Using cloth, it's like I've been inducted into a great little exclusive hippy group! (There are websites and forums and message boards and any cloth diapering mommies you meet are SUPER friendly and helpful and will answer all you're questions and cheer you on at the same time!)

So, if I have you thinking about switching or using cloth for your next babe, good! I was hoping I might! I, being one of the hippy mommies now, would love to answer any and all of your questions (as best I can since I'm not an expert yet!). You can even practice on my baby and try them out before you buy! I've put together what I've found to work best and a little resource guide for you so you can get started!

There are ten thousand different kinds of diapers and wraps. DON'T let it overwhelm you. Any way you go is going to save you bundles of money and have all the benefits listed in my top ten above! I can assure I have picked the cheapest method and it's works great so I'll tell you what I'm doing.

I am using Indian cloth prefolds. (Here's the site with best price I've found)
~There are chinese prefolds as well (They say Chinese prefolds last longer, but Indian prefolds are softer and more absorbant and will easly last through two kiddos. I have them and they seem pretty rugged to me. I think they'd last much longer than that! The mommies I've talked to all prefer Indian prefolds. )
~I'm buying as she grows and will get:
36 infant size 7-15lb. ($54.00) and
24 premium size 15-30lb. ($48.00)
and prob 18 toddler (we'll see when we get there)

I am using prorap covers.
(Here's the site with the best price I've found)
~All of the mommies I've talked to and reviews I've read say they are the "workhorse" of wraps and they are the best wrap for the money. They happen to be the cheapest wrap and they are double gussetted around the legs which some wraps aren't.
~I'm buying as I go and will get:
6 small 9-14lb ($40.50)
and six of each size as she grows and needs them (they go up to XL 35-45lb)

If you have the money to spend up front HERE is BY FAR the best deal I've found. A package deal that gives you EVERYTHING you will need to cloth diaper your baby from birth to toddler for $285.00!!! (except you'll probably want to buy some newborn prorap covers. They have umbillical cord cut outs. Or just use disposables until the cord falls off) And it's from a maine made company!

Also, I'm using the Snappi Fastener.
A super neat invention to fasten cloth diapers so that you don't stick your baby with pins! I find it very easy to use. Gets diapers really snug and it's really easy to reposition if you need to!

Happy diapering all!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of being a salesman? I'm convinced cloth diapers are THE way to go now that I've read this blog! I used them (back in the old days) when Sam was a baby...and I wasn't as thrilled with them as you seem to be. But that was in the days BEFORE wraps...so we used pins and those yucky plastic pants. The way you describe them and the look of the wraps, makes me think I'd try them again (I'll wait and talk to my kids about them down the road if they have any kids).

Debby B.

Cheryl said...

Wow, that was very thorough! I agree with Debby... you could be a saleswoman. :-)

It is amazing how many diapers and how much money it costs to diaper one baby from birth to potty training! Shocking. That's a tremendous savings for going cloth.

Makes me want another baby so I can start diapering again. Oh wait, I have a granddaughter I can diaper!