Aug 31, 2007

The Waiting Game

I'm stealing this title from my friend Esther's blog because it's totally appropriate. Sooo, Jason will apparently be accepted into the masters program that he wants, but the latest glitch is that they are not sure if there are any assistantships left. The assistantship is what pays for the tuition and gives him a small salary. Because it is Labor Day weekend and all the professors have run away from campus to avoid the crazy freshman arrival and savor their last few days of solace before chasing over sized children around for another school year, Jason is unable to find out if he's going to get an assistantship until Tuesday probably. He's been calling and calling and visiting offices but getting no answers and so he waits. It's a hard thing to do, but we know it will all work out. He's signed up for at least one class to start him down his teaching path so that's exciting! Pray for an assistantship!

On the job front....week three is done. It's definitely on the upswing for now. I think I'm begining to hit my stride. I pretty much know what people mean when they talk about documents and procedures. I know how to do most of the paperwork, and let me tell you...there's A LOT! I think I'm even ahead on my training and orientation reading and such. And I'm just one case away from a full caseload. Now that the techincal details are falling into place I feel more free to begin focusing more energy on planning theraputic activities for when I'm in the homes. I do believe my supervisor has told me at least 3 times how impressed she is with me and that I really know my stuff and that I'm catching on quite quickly. Not gonna lie, that kind of positive feedback is music to my ears and does quite well for my self esteem!

Oh, and last but not least.... last friday I took Hunter to work with me and everyone loved him! (How could you not!?) He did really well. He only barked once...when he got really excited about one of the two guys that work in our office walking by and he also begged for a piece of my partner's candy bar but I think she was okay with it. Good boy Hunter!

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