Aug 25, 2007

Miracle in a Bottle Gets me Free Stuff!

I was going to post about Jason's new job, but something much more fun has come up so I'll keep the anticipation building for a little while longer on that one.

I love comments! (So please, load me up with those comments. Build up my self esteem. Give me hope that it's not just my mom, my husband and my friend Amy reading my blog over and over!)

You see, it's mostly just my mom commenting on my blog right now, (Love you mom!) but yesterday a total stranger commented! Wahoo! Who you ask? The Liquid Fence company! At first I thought it was a gag comment from my friend Amy, (who by the way has a super hilarious blog that you just HAVE to check out here) but's real! Somehow they found my blog and want to thank me for the kind words I wrote (see previous post) about their all natural deer repellent spray. They want to send me a free "Just pump & spray combo pack". Umm, yes please!

And I'm not just writing about them again so that I get something else free. Anyone who gives me free stuff is automatically fantabulous in my book. So I now think that, not only their product, but their company and anything associated with them is super duper! I went and checked out their website and apparently they also sell all natural bug spray and growth accelerator and stuff to repel just about everything! So check 'em out here, they rock!

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Amy said...

Thanks for the plug!