Aug 17, 2007

Week One...Done!

Yup, week one of my new job is finished. Verdict is still out. There's good and there's bad, as with everything. The quantity of good things far outweighs the bad. But I'm not sure yet if the severity of the bad outweighs the good. We'll wait and see. But one thing I am sure of is that God always comes through for me just when I need it.

Remember my post about my first day at work? (If not, then you can scroll down and read it again.) How chaotic and rushed and frantic it was? And how the things that got left out in my hurry were my time in prayer and the Word? Well, things were much better the rest of the week. The next day (when I managed my time much more efficiently and didn't stress out about my hair and dress so much) I did fit in that time for devotions. And let me quote part of the prayer at the end, which will give you a good idea about what the devotion and scriptures were about, "...Help me to turn from hectic, frantic activity that often makes even my time with you so hurried..." And remember how I said I thought it might be God trying to teach me it's okay not to be perfect and that I can move forward in His grace? Well, here's one of the scriptures that went along with the devotion... "But you oh Lord are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and truth." ~Psalm 86:15.

To finish out the week, this morning I was anxious about going into work and having to deal with certain things. My attitude was negative and I was focused very much on this world. Driving the truck (which I don't normally do and only am because the car is broken) comes with the perk of satatlite radio. And just in the nick of time a song came on that I had never heard. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is by Jeremy Camp and it is called "Give me Jesus". Esentially the song says over and over, "You can have this World, Give me Jesus." It brought an unspeakable peace to my resltelss soul! I won't go on and on with the details, but suffice it to say that He has met my needs and given me His truths just as I need them, each step of this week! Isn't He Amazing!

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