Aug 23, 2007

I Don't Want to Talk About It

Had I posted on Tuesday I probably would have told you all I was quitting. But yesterday was what I called "a shining ray of hope amidst the darkness" and so I maintain a slight grasp on optimism that things might work out after all. Can't go into details, just pray for me at work, and other than that...I really don't want to talk about it! I want to talk about happy things!
Hmmm, happy things....Jason took his GRE's and got a 730 out of 800 on the math!!! He's so smart! He didn't do quite as well as he had hoped on the verbal but he thinks he did really well on the essay which he has to wait for his results too. He submitted his grad school application the day he took his GRE's and no word yet on that.

Other happy things: Jason got a job! Wahooo! Not quite what he was expecting but it seems to be a huge answer to prayer. More details on that later as it is quite funny and will make a good post!

And other happy things: Deer. Yes that's right. Deer. You see, techinically we live on an island. There is a river that splits and goes around a big chunk of land and we are somewhere on that chunk. This results in a very high deer population because they are all essentially stuck on the "island". I enjoy this because it means that pretty much every day we have deer walking through our yard. (And we don't live in the country. We live on a dead end street in the middle of town.) I didn't enjoy this so much when they were eating my plants, but now I've found a little miracle in a bottle called "Liquid Fence" that solves that problem and now I love my little deer. Jason wants to be able to shoot them, but I love them. I look forward to the pleasent suprise of looking out my back window and seeing them strolling through the yard or eating at my bird feeders. I like seeing them walk in single file right down the middle of the road. It's comforting to be able to wave to them each morning as they graze on my neighbors lawn. It's fun to see a glowing set of eyes in my headlights when I pull in the driveway. It's not creepy at all when they sniff around our windows at night. It's envigorating to be jumped out of my skin when I lay down in my hammock and two deer jump up from laying in the woods and bound away. So in honor of my little deer friends I thought I'd post some pictures I've snapped of them. Enjoy!


Cheryl said...

Yay, Jason, on your GRE scores and the job! And I can't wait to hear about your "shining ray of hope" on the job scene this week, Sarah.
By the way, I am totally jealous of all your deer! I guess I'll have to move into the city if I want to see some. There don't seem to be any out here in the boonies.

The Liquid Fence Company said...

Hi there, Sarah. The Liquid Fence Company is thrilled that you found Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent to be your "little miracle in a bottle". It certainly is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free solution to problem deer in any garden.

Safe for the environment, kids and pets, all-natural Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent is the number one choice of America’s top horticulturalists, landscape professionals and home gardeners – just like you Sarah – because it really works!

And because we know you love it, we'd like to send you a complimentary Just Pump & Spray Combo Pack with our thanks for your kind words. Just call us toll-free at (800) 923-3623 and ask for Deb. She’d love to hear from you!

meaningfulalbums said...

I love the pic of the fawn! How cute with all the spots. I am jealous as well. I think my dogs would scare the deer away if we had them in our yard!