Aug 26, 2007

The Announcement You've All Been Waiting For...

Okay, listen up. If you're a punk kid that thinks you can take the bathroom pass and just roam the halls freely instead of walking your bum directly to the bathroom and back to class, think again. If you're a drama queen girl that thinks you can throw a milk carton at the chick who kissed your guy at last weeks school dance and get away with it, you better watch out. And if you're the dude who cuts class to go smoke a joint out back, consider yourself warned! Cause you're gonna have my husband to deal with MmmHmmm that's right!

If you haven't figured it out already I'll let you in on the secret that is Jason's new job. Jason is going to be...Drum roll please.........A HALL MONITOR! Well, technically they call it an Ed Tech position. But it's totally not. It's a hall monitor. So it's not exactly what he thought he'd be doing with his 40,000 dollar degree in Mechanical Engineering, but it's all about baby steps. Stepping stones, if you will, on the path to his new career in's all about stepping stones.

So funny how God always seems to answer our prayers, but never in the way WE imagined. I swear He's got quite the sense of humor. If were a contestant on Last Comic Standing I know He'd win...and not JUST because He's God...but because He's darn funny! Let me outline all the ways that this Hall Monitor Job is a specific answer to prayer:

1.) IF Jason gets into the masters program this fall, he will not feel badly about quitting this job. They basically already told him that it would be fine to do so.

2.) If he does not get into the masters program this fall, he will need to take 2 classes at the university and get above a 3.0 in order to get into the program in the Spring. This job ends at 2:30 every day. All classes for the masters program start at 3pm or later!

3.) The Job is one where he will never have anywork or preparation to do at home so he can spend plenty of time studying to get good grades.

4.) The Job will actually reimburse tuition for one college course per semester!

5.) My job pays all my benefits but it's way to expensive to add my spouse. CCC insurance runs out super duper soon and Jason was just going to go without. BUT...his new job gives him full benefits for a very, very low cost!

6.) The Job is at the best public high school in the area, and it is great to have your name anywhere on the payroll. There are others who have started as hall monitors, gotten their teaching degree and moved up the ranks to be a teacher there.

7.) It pays stinkin' well! WAY more than you'd ever, EVER expect a hall monitor position to pay! With his income and mine combined it will meet all of our financial needs!

So there you have it. Specifically answered prayer...not as we would have imagined it...but once again, fully sufficient and then some! Thank-you God!


mom said...

All EXCELLENT reasons that this job is a Godsend! I hope you get into the graduate program you want, Jason, but this is a good place to be in the meantime. You guys are always in my prayers. Sorry to be commenting on your blog again, Sarah, but you know I have no life and must live vicariously through other people's blogs. :-p

Amy said...

I think the job sounds great! And you're totally COMPLETELY fits your needs! Yay God!

meaningfulalbums said...

Super! That is so great. I am now trying to determine exactly what is the best school system in our area... I have thoughts but I could be way off. Let me know! Oh, by the way, we are going rafting Saturday but we can't bring anyone else with us... sadness. But it would be fun to go together sometime. I haven't been in ages and I'm so excited!

The Liquid Fence Company said...

Congratulations to you both on Jason's new job. Everybody at the Liquid Fence Company wishes you the best of luck.

Sarah, we also hope you will still phone us (weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) so we are able to send you the Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent "Just Pump & Spray" Combo Pack, at no charge. Just be sure to ask for Deb.

Again, best of luck!

Steven said...

Yeah, I'll let in on a little secret about Bangor. Once and Ed Tech, always an Ed Tech. You've got no room to grow unless you know the "right" people. I speak from experience here...

Oh, and by the way, Brewer is the best school department in the area! =)