Aug 15, 2007

Do YOU have an EAO workplace? I DO!

Look at that face! Wouldn't it make you happy to see that face when you walked into work in the morning? Well, at Families United that could very well happen! What was I greeted by today as I walked into work? The lovable face of a 7 month old chocolate lab. "Dogs are allowed here!?" I exclaimed. Yup, they sure are. Aparantly my office is "very dog friendly". They weren't kidding. Later, as I sat reading more policies in my office, I heard the jingle of a dog collar, thinking it was my little chocolate friend, but no! It was another adorable pup named Rusty. And still later, one ginormous long haired grey hound (I don't know what they're called) went trotting by as well. I mentioned I didn't know how well my dog would do because he loves people so much I think he'd be too excited. At which point two people piped in and told me I should at least try it and see how it goes. That's very very exciting. So I'm thinking that Hunter might be coming to chill at the office on paperwork fridays!

What's that? You feline friends want to know if my social work agency is descriminating against the kitties? Of course not! Aparently one woman brings her cat to work, and he keeps her company sitting right on her desk as she types away. We're an EAO (Equal Animal Opportunity) workplace. I think it's very progressive...should catch on like wildfire!

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Cheryl said...

That is so cool! I would love to find a job where my dog could come to work with me. Of course, he would drive everyone crazy, but he'd love it.