Aug 13, 2007

You'd Think an Hour and a Half Would be Enough Time to Get Ready...

...But no. Apparently for me it is not. You see, I had a plan for my first day at my new job. I laid out my clothes the night before, packed everything I would need in my bag and even went grocery shopping to stock up on all the food I would need stay fit and save money by bringing a well balanced lunch to work each day. Ideal me was going to get up, shower and do my hair, pack my lunch, have a bite to eat and spend some time in the Word and prayer, then kiss my husband goodbye and happily jaunt out the door. Too bad the world is not still in it's ideal, before the fall, state! The real me got up without even hitting the snooze button once (a miracle in and of itself and a for sure lifetime first) but reveled a wee bit too long in my nice hot shower. Then went all perfectionist on my hair, eventually using three different styling tools to acheive the final product. And by the time I stumbled out of the bathroom I was shocked to find out that I had already used up ONE WHOLE HOUR of my precious time! Then, in my nervous wreck state, I didn't help matters by deciding to diverge from the already laid out clothes and change my outfit. I barely had time to make my lunch, leaving a mess in the sink as I tornadoed (it's a word!) through the house. So what got left out? Yup, breakfast, and time in the Word and prayer. As I drove I reasoned that my prayer time with Jason last night totally counts and singing at the top of my lungs to 105.7 in the car on the way there is definitely communing with God! (Actually, I think He's just answering the prayer that I prayed to allow myself to not be perfect, and still move forward in His grace and not give up. So tomorrows a new day!)

All that anxiousness for nothing. Even after my chaotic morning I managed to head out the door on time and looking like this. (Yes, I did ask my husband to take my picture as I left for my first day of work and yes, it IS reminiscent of your "first day at kindergarden" picture in your baby book and no, I'm not ashamed!) I arrived to find out that my new work place is actually quite laid back and casual. The people were friendly and inviting and super helpful. I spent my day very relaxed, getting to know some co-workers, signing lots of papers, reading policies, and watching orientation videos. Oh, what is my job you ask? I am a Family Specialist. Along with a partner, I will be going into homes of families that are at low to moderate risk for abuse or neglect with the goal of helping the families function better so that they can stay together. I am excited about this work and will get the oportunity to meet with clients as early as tomorrow!

And Jason, what is he spending his days doing? You're lookin at it. No, he's not laying around on the couch. He's literally studying all day long in preparation to take his GRE's on Friday. He only takes breaks to go out in the driveway and work on fixing our car, that sounds like a souped up Harley with all of it's exhaust issues. Please pray that he does well on his exams, particularly the vocabulary and essays, (not his strong points) so that he will get into the masters program for teaching!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first day!!!

Amy said...

You look fabulous! Congrats on your new job.

Oh, and let Jason know that the GRE for Dummies book is fantastic. Seriously.