Sep 3, 2007

Liscence, Registration and Proof of Inusurance...

If you don't know what the title of this blog means, then you've never been pulled over because these are the first words out of the officer's mouth as he mosies up to your window all serious like. Now this is not your typical, "I got pulled over" story so you're gonna wanna read on.

Our memorial day weekend started off great, we spent Saturday celebrating Jason's grandmothers 75th birthday down at camp with all the family and friends you could ever want. It was a lovely day, tons of kids running around, great food and great weather.

The next day we headed off to Greenville to camp and fly-fish. We got out of the door right when we had planned, the weather was awesome, not a care in the world...then...flashing blues as we cruised through a happy little town on Route 15 (Jason doesn't want me to name the town, or the officer because he's afraid of some kind of reprecussions if they ever read this blog! I think that's absurd, but I'll respect his wishes :) And apparently Jason, yes he was driving, was cruisin' a little too fast for Mr. Officer's liking. The speed limit drops to 25 near the school...who knew!?...and Jason was going right around 40, innocently thinkig the speed limit was still 35.

Oh, it gets better! Here I am feeling sorry for Jason and then, as the officer is strolling up to our window, Jason says, "Man, and the truck is unresgistered." I say, "WHAT!? The truck is WHAT!?" I went from sypathetic to flamin' mad in about 2.2. In order for you to fully understand, I have to back up just a smidge. Last week at church some really nice, anonamous person, put a little card on the truck that says, "Just want to let you know that your registration has run out. Best wishes from THE MAINE MOOSE." Jason told me about it and I was all, "That's so awesome! I wonder who that is. So will you register the car this week because I'll be at work and won't be able to get in there during business hours, and Oh yeah , you're not doing anything this week because your job doesn't start 'till next week?!" And Jason was all, "Yeah, definitely." And then, as I find out, HE DIDN'T! So that's why I was rippin' mad. (By the way, a big thanks to the Maine Moose, whoever you are.)

Oh, there's even more! So the officer goes back to his car and he's in there for SOOOOOoooo long, we know we're getting the ticket. So I took the extended wait in the truck as my opportunity to tell Jason just how mad I was and spell out how much it costs to register the truck verses pay these huge tickets and ask him questions like, "Do I need to be in charge of registering the vehichles from now on!?" (Yeah, not my finest hour.) To which, Jason told me he didn't need that from me right now and then randomly said, "Argh! I think I forgot to put on deoderant today. Darnit!...(long pause)...How 'bout I rub my armpits all over your face! And then people will be like, 'Aww Sarah, your face smells like B.O.! That's disgusting!'" And then we both started cracking up.

And the icing on the cake....So, after an exorbinantly long period of time the officer comes back to the window and says, "Sir, can you drive down to the little meat store up ahead and pull your vehicle into the parking lot?" And I'm thinking...Oh my crap! He's going to impound the car and take us to jail! But then he continued, "Here's what happened sir. Your liscence seemed to have dissapeared on me. I don't want to get hit looking for it, so we'll go up to that parking lot so I can look for it." So we go to the parking lot, he looks for it for a while, he comes back, "Well sir," His tone growing more sheepish by the second, "I think your liscence fell down between my radar unit and the console and I can't get it out. If you could just follow me back to the station, I'll get some tools and take the radar unit out and then I can get to your liscence. I was going to write you a summons but because I am now inconveniencing you, I'm going to let you off with just a warning."

I am NOT even kidding you! Jason said that he had been praying away that if there was any way to not get this ticket to please make it happen, becuase we can't afford it. But I'm very reluctanct to chalk that one up to God because we totally deserved the ticket. Of course He can do whatever He wants and if it was His doing then he definitely showed us mercy that day...mercy NOT grace! Either way, it makes for a very cool story!

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Amy said...

yeah...I should probably go register my car, huh? Thanks for the reminder! Glad you didn't get a ticket!!!