Sep 23, 2007


I'm feeling rather uninspired these days. It's because things are generally status quo with us, so don't expect to laugh your heads off on this post, but here's what we've been up to:
We are both still working at the same jobs. Jason has caught some people steeling and is loving his classes. I'm actively searching/praying for new employment (because of the circumstances that I cannot blog about just yet). Shhh work doesn't know yet, I'll tell them soon enough.

We went to my friend's wedding yesterday...actually I was in her wedding...actually I married them! Yes, I became a notary public and married them. It was quite wonderful! (Ooooo, that reminds me, I should mail their marriage certificate in soon :)

Sunday School has started up at church and I am helping teach the 4 and 5 year olds while Jason is helping to teach an adult class.

We went apple picking today after church with my mom at Maine-ly Apples in Dixmont on Rt. 7. They are a great orchard with great prices and super friendly helpful people...although all their cortlands are gone right now, just so you know. Apple picking means fall is here and that is my favorite season! I've got a killer apple pie, Jason makes a mean apple crisp and, hold on to your seats ladies and gentlement, I'm planning to do (make that try) a whole bunch of canning this year. Wish me luck!
AND I'm about to reach 500 hits on my blog! So exciting! That about does it. See, that's all it took to catch you up on two weeks worth of our life!


Steven said...

Hmph! 500, huh? I just passed 15,000. Oh wait, that was mostly just me clicking to try and justify my pathetic blogging existence...

Can't wait to keep up with your adventures after "Staff"!

Mom said...

Woo-hoo! I got a mention on your blog. :-) Thanks for asking me if I wanted to go apple picking with you and Jason last Sunday. It was fun, and such a beautiful day! Have you gotten inspired yet and made any applesauce or apple jam or pies or apple crisp? Love ya!