Jul 2, 2011

What IS that noise!?

Scratch, scratch, scratch, scrape, scratch, scrape. What the heck is that noise!? I thought. Where the heck is Ella? I then wondered, clearly paying enough attention to my motherly responsibilities.

Me: Ella!

Ella: YES MOM!

Me: What are you doing?

Ella: YES MOM!

Me: Can you come in here please?

Ella: YES MOM!

And in trots THIS adorableness. Me: What are you doing in your room?

Ella: Yes.

Me: I'd like you to answer me please. What are you doing in your room?

Ella: I dwawin a petty tee on da wall! (I'm drawing a pretty tree on the wall).

Me: Excellent.
Not sure where I left the sidewalk chalk that I used to sketch out the murals on her wall, but she found it! And that cute little thing set right to work emulating her mama. I just had to smile (and give her a little chat about not drawing on the walls until she's much older and mama says it's okay.) and thank my lucky stars it wasn't something like lipstick on a couch :)

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Diane said...

Adorableness is right! So darn cute!!