Jul 26, 2011

Bean Bounty!

(We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of family vacation trips to bring you this post about beans.)

Last night I had THE sweetest experience. Jason, Ella and I headed out to harvest our beans. J picked green, I picked yellow and Ella alternated between us both coming to collect the ones we'd picked and put them in the containers. Family together, simple pleasures, marveling at God's creation and the production of "fruit". Delightful! And this morning Ella and I turned our picked beans into Dilly Beans! This is my first run so we'll see how they come out when we can taste them in a few months. Ella amazes me with her maturity and helpfulness. I prepared the beans last night. This morning she stood with me at the counter and carefully followed instructions, pouring in the water, vinegar and salt. Then she diligently placed one clove of garlic and one head of dill in each mason jar. I put in the hot pepper (1/2 have crushed red and 1/2 have ceyanne as I found recipes calling for each...we'll see!) and then she and I packed the beans together. We played "airplane and zoo" while they processed and voila! (And yes, that IS a sneak peek at our new counters in those shots as well :)


Cheryl said...

Wow, beautiful! Great work, you guys. Hey, one of those would make a good wedding present. Jen loves dilly beans. :-)

Life With My Boys..... said...

So fun! I just made dilly beans today, and I think it's the same exact recipe. Did you get yours from the Open Door cookbook? Ellen Reitsma?