Jul 25, 2011


I think they're technically second cousins, but I don't really keep track of all that. At least three of the days that we were at camp, Ella had the pleasure of visiting with her cousin Ryleigh. Ryleigh's a year older and they get along fantastically. They love each other!

Oh c'mon, what's vacation without getting to do things you normally aren't allowed to do at home! Neither of theses little monkey's fell off and bumped their head.

Fun with their "pack-packs". When Ryleigh was in the lead, they were "going to school". When Ella was in the lead they were alternating between going "grocery shopping" and "taking their naps".

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Cheryl said...

They are so cute together! It was fun watching them play and interact. Love their matching "pack-packs". :-)