Jul 25, 2011


We took our vacation at family camp. Or "Everybody's Camp" as it was dubbed by sweet Sophie. Because that's just it...every one is welcome here. It belonged to Jason's Grandmother and she passed it on to her four children. And now Jason and I are blessed to have part share in it as well. For the first time ever we took an entire week off and had a family vacation. It was glorious! Ella started liking jumping into the water. She still won't tolerate her head getting wet though.

She had a ball exploring all that the water had to offer...rocks, sticks, leaves, bugs, fish.

She quite liked the little kayak trip that Daddy took with her.

And thank heavens for Aunt Diane bringing this sandbox down! It was a much needed option or else mommy and daddy would have had no break from the water from dusk until dawn because that is where Ella asked to go the second her eyes popped open in the morning until they closed at night!

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Cheryl said...

Love that sweet expression on her face, looking back at her daddy in the kayak!