Jul 28, 2011

Sunrise and Sunset

This is the view from the front porch bedroom that we love so much. There's no sleeping past 7am most mornings anyway, so we don't mind the light filtering in from the sunrise. Beauty.
A glassy lake evening troll in search of a picture of the huge snappers we saw the first night. Of course, they eluded us this evening, but the fish did not!

Our fisher-woman extroirdinaire. Seriously. This two year old gets her own worm, knows exactly where to find the bobbers and reels like nobodies business. Casting is another story...duck and cover!

My loves.

Success. She needs to touch them :)

The ride back got a little chilly. Nothing daddy's sweatshirt and hat and a little snuggle can't fix.

And the sunset just as we were rolling in.

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