Jul 1, 2011

It Really is an Illness...

Do closets haunt you? How about drawers? Well, they haunt me. Seriously. If everything else in house is all neat and tidy, but the closets and drawers are a wreck, they haunt me. I know, you can't see them...but they keep me up at night. They call my name! It really is sick.

I've been redoing the upstairs. It involved rearranged lots of rooms in the upstairs of my house. I moved, painted, sorted and organized. OOOOh, that last word...organizing....how I love it! The amount of love with which I love organizing really must be a diagnosable illness of some kind.

I did it to Ella's room & closet and the office & closet. Then I moved on the piece de resistance! THE STORAGE ROOM. You know, the room where crap just congregates! It is now sorted, purged, organized and categorized! Oh WOW. I really CANNOT even put into words the swell of happiness this brings me when I look at it. I kid you not...multiple times during the day I'll just open the door and gaze longingly at it. Glorious! Simply Glorious!It's like my crack. I know...like I said...Ill.

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