Jul 25, 2011


We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. There was maybe one day at the beginning of our week where a few showers passed through and other than that it was blazin' hot. Anywhere else it would have been too hot for me, but at camp there is always a generous breeze and the shore is shaded by towering pines from mid-morning on so it's perfect!

While camp is still "campy" it has all the luxuries of home...electricity, full bath, and running water. It's really quite perfect. And there's a party boat for the using! So perfect for little ones. There's ample room to run around, but they stay quite safe with the perimeter railing. It's also fabulous for casting, spinning rod or fly rod. I love to jump off and swim, and of course my fave, sunbathing. We're teaching her to drive already.Early morning just after a shower, and just one of our many fishing successes!My mom was able to join us for a few days. I could get used to this.He's livin' the life.

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Cheryl said...

Oh, I wondered who that fat man was in the back of the boat... it's me! :-) But seriously, thanks for having me up to camp. It was wonderful!