May 14, 2010

That's Powerful Stuff!

Whatever you believe... Please... Take a minute to read this. I believe you'll find truth in it.

"I'm thankful it is my sould You love, rather than my appearance or performance. So often, I'm dissatisfied with bothof these, especially when I make them my focus. I'm grateful for Your perfect understanding, since I sometimes feel misunderstood..."

"Beloved, relax in My loving Presence. Let the Light of My Love soak into your entire being...Cease striving and know that I am God.

The world abounds with idols-things you turn to when you want to feel better about yourself:eating, entertainment, exercise, mastery of something. However, none of these things can slake the thirst of your soul, which yearns for Me alone... When you get that gnawing around the edges of your soul, turn to Me. Your sould will be satisfied with the richest of foods."

I have experienced the truth of these words over and over. So POWERFUL! This is an excerpt from my devotions right now. Nearer to Jesus by Sarah Young. Those of you that know me can understand that it speaks to my soul specifically! So thankful for "happening" upon this fabulous find at Marden's!

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Cheryl said...

Wow, powerful stuff. I didn't find anything that good at my Marden's book shopping spree. But I did just buy a book online from CBD called Satisfy my Thirsty Soul. Interesting coincidence, huh?