May 11, 2010

How Was Your Mother's Day?

Mine was FABULOUS!!!

Anyone remember LAST mother's day? The one I blogged about? The one Jason forgot? Yeah. Well now that I dredged that up again to show you that he's really not perfect, I'll brag a little about THIS mother's day to give him a little blog redemption :)

After a FANTABULOUS evening with friends, Jason got up with Ella and prepared me bacon and delish eggs for breakfast and greeted me speedily with a great card. Really the bacon was enough. He had me at the bacon.

Then we went to a great church service where I got a carnation, a gift certificat for free stuff from my hubby and a piece of chocolate!

Then Jason took Ella and I to Get Fired Up and had me paint a tile and put Ella's handprint on it. I LOVED this and decided it will now be a mother's day tradition! BTW, they were totally awesome a kid friendly there!

At home Jason made us lunch and when Ella went down for a nap he ushered me into our bathroom where he had the fixins for a nice bubble bath all set up. Candles, music, book and new spa pillow to boot. He told me to take time for myself.

And lastly, he prepared a delish grilled salmon dinner. Candle light, flowers, the whole nine and topped it off with a killer chocolate dessert.

Ummm, yeah, I think he's MORE than made up for last year...not that he really had to. But what a great day! Happy Mother's Day to all!

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Cheryl said...

Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!