May 27, 2010

Little Miss Ella

Well, well, well. We're fast approaching 18 months old! She changes every day!
By far one of her favorite words right now is "Ow-sigh" (outside) said with gusto! She LOVES being outside. We're so thankful for that! Other favorites are "baby" and "ball". She adores those two things as well! She does things like this with her baby all by herself all the time! She's quite the little "mom".
Water, not so much her fave right now. A stark contrast to last summer. She loves the playground. Especially climbing up stair and going down slides. She'll do it over and over again!Sometimes she goes backwards :) Sometimes she gets a little help from her friends :)She loves digging, walking, pushing or pulling anything, and helping mommy cook, water plants or sweep. She'll ride in things for a bit, but she's definitely discovered her ability to do things independently and loving it!Who says 17 months is too young for chores? Not I! Ella's chore is to feed Hunter every morning. She also throws away all my trash. (The latter was not enstated by me, she just stinkin' loves doing it!)
Her language is just exploding! We started writing down all the words that she uses regularly and that she initiates on her own. We got to 65 and then she spit out 2 or 3 new ones that day and so we stopped counting. She also loves music. She loves singing and "dancing" to music. She loves when we sing to her and we'll often catch her humming tunes and rocking back and forth! I think you'll see from this video that we've got a talker on our hands ;)


Cheryl said...

Sweet! I keep checking back to see if there are any pictures of Ella riding in her new wagon, but these are wonderful! Love the videos. She is precious.

Krissy said...

That is a great update! I like the huge grin on her face when she is finished feeding Hunter. :)