May 30, 2010

How they Grow

This memorial day weekend has been a good one so far. Jason took Friday off and went fly-fishing with his friend. They Saturday morning was my time and I chose to read my book and finish some scrapbooking. Then we took Ella out in the square stern for a little paddle/fishing. She already LOVES fishing! She says "fishie, fishie, fishie" over and over again when her daddy get's his lures and rod out. She likes to help him reel in! The house is clean (which takes two days now with this monster!) We're headed to church and then having a housewarming/BBQ here!
Wading through the pages of Ella's scrapbook I realized just how much she's grown! It's funny how they stay little in your eyes. Here she is last year at the end of May:
Here she is this year!
Oh and guess what else is growing!? My garden. Thanks to another friend who filled my van with perenials from her MAGNIFICENT garden!

Garden before Suzanne's plants:Garden after!I have so many more varaties of plants than I ever have before! Here's what I've got:

2 types of hosta
blue/purple iris
yellow day lillies
2 types of daisies
bridals veil
something related to lupines
bleeding heart
something that gets tall with pink flowers
something with white flowers that close at night
bees balm
lilly of the valley
a wild blueberry bush
a varigated grass
And nine other things that I don't know/remember what they are!

So blessed am I!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you. Amidst all you fun in the sun, don't forget to stop and take a moment to remember why we celebrate this day. Remember those that have died for our country and send a prayer up for their families!

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