May 24, 2010

House Update

Okay, I'm ready to talk. But I think I'll let the pictures mostly speak for themselves. I'll try to keep a very long story as breif as possible...(as brief as possible for a one miss Sarah York)
Shortly after we moved in the window above our kitchen sink leaked. The door in the living room also leaked. (The owners disclosed the door...but said it needed a new storm door. This gushing of water that we experienced obviously had NOTHING to do with a storm door.)

Jason went out to investigate and fix. With each layer he pulled back it got worse and worse. He found:
#1) The house was not waterproofed properly
#2) The windows weren't installed properly.
#3) The water was getting in behind the siding and running down and rotting things out. He thought just the OSB and T1-11 were rotted...NOPE. So was the insulation, the 2x6's holding up our house and even some sheetrock and cabinet backs on the inside! Superb! Oh and don't forget the mold! Dear Lord I think fungi just likes to follow us all of our days! He figured out he was in over his head and covered the whole side of the house with tyvec and called our insurance. Praise the LORD they are covering it and we have a fabulous Christian contractor heading up the repairs!Here, they've cut out and replaced all the rotted, moldy stuff, reinstalled a window and properly waterproofed the rest of them. Foam board, tyvek, proper J channel and then siding back up! Now onto the other side! New door because the other one was rotting out! Thankfully, they don't think this whole mess is happening on the other two ends of the house. They're gonna check just in case though!
Yes. We DID have a home inspection. And NO, apparantly they guy had NO clue what he was doing.
I had specifically asked about the window that ended up leaking because I thought it looked fishy and this guy said, "Nope. That's fine. Houses shift."
All the workers and contractors we've had in here say that any house inspector with half a clue should have quickly seen that window and known there had been constand water damage over a long period of time which meant bigger issues. They all also have pointed out things he should have seen that shoudl have told him the house was not waterproofed properly.
I won't broadcast his name all over the internet but if you email me privately I'll tell you who NOT to use!
So here's how I'm chosing to look at this whole thing. God knew what he was doing. It doesn't suprise him that we had a house inspection that missed a whole lotta important stuff. If we had known all that, we wouldn't have bought it! So He clearly wanted us to have this house. He knew the insurance would cover it and we'd have a healthy happy home in the end. It's just been a process to get there. One I'm sure He'll be teaching me lessons from for a long time to come!

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for posting the pictures to go with the horror story. I'm so glad the insurance is covering it, and that you have wonderful Christian friends with a contractor dad! Is it all done and back together now, or does Jason have to put the siding back on by himself?