May 13, 2010

Some REALLY Exciting News!

Drum role please.....We are the proud owners of a minivan! Yup, that bad boy you're starin' at up there is sittin' in our driveway!

"What!?"you say. "Why?" you ask. "Are you having another baby?" is one I get a lot.
The answers are, "Yup you heard right." "Because they're awesome!" and "Nope."

I've not always been a minivan gal. I was sold when:
#1) I worked at HHGH and got to drive clients around in one of these sweet rides all the time.
#2) When we first tried to cram ourselves, our baby, our gear and our dog into our station wagon for one of many long trips home to visit fam.
Let's just say I now have a lot more sympathy for sardines and the dog got left out a lot of the time...and people, that's just sad.

Jason on the other hand, has ALWAYS been a minivan guy. Bless his big ol' heart. If I had a nickle for everytime he's told me that his family had 3 minivans growing up or even just a penny for every time he's listed off the many points of practicality and usefulness that these rides possess, I'd be a rich woman.

And now comes the part where I can't keep my mouth shut about what an AMAZING bargain we got! We happened upon this 2006, loaded dodge caravan with 56k miles for UNDER $5,000!!! It was used as a Direct TV van in NH and the company went out of business so they're selling 20 of these bad boys!!! Now I get to sell the ladder racks for a little extra cash which makes the van even cheaper!!!

That's the exciting news! You may now coninue about your day :)


Cheryl said...

Wow! It's much more beautiful than I expected! But doesn't Jason want to keep the ladder racks for carrying canoes and stuff?

anxiousknitter said...

Congrats!!! You'll have so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

welcome to the ranks of minivanners! When we were first married Alvin always enjoyed driving one of his company's minivans when he was in Idaho than his own company Grand Cherokee. Those without children just don't know the luxuries of the minisvans :). -and it's so much more fun to get it for song! Congrats! -Melissa Winslow