Jun 7, 2010

Summertime Fun

Wow, June feels like it's whizzing right by us! I cannot describe to you how fun it is to have an 18 month old right now! She is so cute, and so active. It is such a joy to watch her explore and gain new skills everyday! I just want to slow time so I don't miss a thing!
I cannot even keep up with her language right now. The new words just come too fast! I realized that she's speaking in full sentences just the other day. I thought it was babble "da da doggie". But it's not. It's "Das da doggie." and "Das my daddy." "my mommy" "my pancake" "my puppy" etc. etc. etc. I'm positive she's speaking even more sentences that we can't yet understand but I'm thinking it will all soon be pretty clear! It just blows my mind to be able to communicate with her so well at this age! Love it!
I'll just let the pictures and videos speak for themselves and show you how her motor skills have exploded! Enjoy!
She like to hike!
She goes fishing with Daddy!
She's just a little doll!
She can climb the big slide all by herself.
Our neighbors have a goat that she asks to walk to see EVERY day!
We have a wild yet very tame bunny that she adores!
And last but not least...the happy dance!

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Cheryl said...

Love, love, LOVE all the new pictures and videos!!! Thanks for posting them. She is so adorable!